2006 Reunion Photos - Album4

our Cunico bakers  
standing outside the Sporting

Sheep going through Asiago  
Italian Cowboys!

Ben, Bob & Bill  
Outside the conference center

more mingling  
Daniele Cunico's (CRISTAN1 branch) business

back of the room  
MICHELE1 branch (Italia & Australia)

Paola & Lucia signing the guestbook  
in the meeting room

Bill Cunico & family visit Asiago's Golf Course  
Some people brought albums

Tonino Cunico's family from Quinto Vicentino (ANTONIO3 branch)  
My family - descendants of Antonio Modesto Cunico ANTONIO1 branch)

After the reunion, Daniele Cunico drove  me throughout Sette Comuni. Here I am with the war memorial on Monte Cengio  
Daniele Cunico and I at Hotel  Alpi (& restaurant) in Foza. Great place... fantastic food!!!


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