2006 Reunion Photos - Album1

The reunion was held at the Sporting Residence Hotel in Asiago.  
Hello World!

The night before.  
A "motley crew"!

Some of the staff of the "Sporting"  
Cunico's at Asiago's Malga (Galmarara)

During the presentation  
Imagine that... Ben with the Ladies!!!!!

We had two banners... this one was outside the meeting room  
A ray of sunshine

This banner hung over the main entrance to the Sporting  
Another photo inside the meeting room

Cunico's from Australia, Canada, Chicago, New Mexico, New York and Singapore enjoy a meal  
The "newlyweds"

Cunico's exchange stories during a break in the meeting  
Italia, Canada & Utah meet

Inside the meeting room  

Massimino Cunico fathered a family in Italia and another in Singapore. The offspring met for the first time at the reunion in Asiago.

Waiting to get in  
The Cunico Bakery in Asiago Centro

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