2006 Reunion Photos - Album2

Our genealogy team. Randy Cunico, Louise Schwaegler, Laura Lee Burr and Andie McCarthy are absent from the photo.   The entire Sporting Staff

Mandie, Miche and Amelio  
Sharing photos

My first cousin LuJean Cunico Weber (2nd from left) and I have two connections to Marina Bianchi's (2nd from right) family... Cunico and Bianchi!   Bob Cunico and Bill Cunico met during the summer of 2005 in New Mexico. Their grandparents were both homesteaders in Cunico, New Mexico (near Kiowa).

Getting name tags in place  
More posing for the Paparazzi's!

Amadeo Cunico welcomed us into his home!  
Checking out family data

This family suffered a devastating blow the day of the reunion as a family member passed away.  
Exchanging tales

Enjoying the dinner at Riccardo's  
Outside the Sporting

More outside  
Alessandro and I getting ready for the presentation

Maria, Francesca, & Roberto... Francesca is my pen pal from Villafranca di Verona)  
Piacenza's younger Cunico's

Patrizia Bombi, Sbalchiero e Zecchin with wifes,   Bruna Cunico Cellere with husband  
Me with the Zugliano Cunico's

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