Riunione dei Cunico  - 8 settembre 2013 - Asiago (VI)


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Directions - Directions to Asiago (Indicazioni su come raggiungerci)

Transportation - How to get to Asiago from the Airport

Lodging - Places to stay, Prices, contact info.

- Find  information about passports here

Pre-Reunion Dinner - I'm planning a pre-reunion dinner at Riccardo Cunico's restaurant... seating will be limited!

T-Shirt - The 2013 T-Shirt designed by Mattia Cunico.

Reunion Activities - The 2013 T-Shirt designed by Mattia Cunic

Asiago Tourism - Here's a contact for the Asiago Tourism office

Food - Information about reunion food and Asiago supermarkets

Weather & Clothing - CLothing suggestions for  Asiago

Workshops - Adriana Benetti-Longhini workshops


2013 Riunione dei Cunico

Vorrei estendere un invito a voi, la vostra famiglia ed ad ogni Cunico che conoscete "alla Riunione internazionale della famiglia Cunico" per 8 settembre 2013. Sarà tenuta ad Asiago.

When:8 settembre 2013  10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Where:Sporting Residence Hotel Conference
: G.B Pertile 3 - 36012 Asiago

Domenica 8 settembre 2013 si svolgerà a Sporting Residence Hotel, ridente località dell’Altopiano di Asiago, il 4 Raduno Internazionale della grande famiglia dei Cunico. Queste rimpatriate sono molto gradite dai tanti Cunico sparsi nei 5 continenti specialmente perché danno modo a molte famiglie di far conoscere a figli e nipoti il paese d’origine di questo cognome forse un po’ strano, ma di chiari origini anglosassone.

The first-ever "International Cunico Family Reunion" was held in Asiago (VI) 24 September 2006 (more). It was such a huge success, I hosted a 2nd reunion in 2009 (more). Now I would like to extend an invitation to every Cunico descendant in the world to the 3rd International Cunico Family Reunion in Asiago, (VI) Italia. It will be held 8 September 2013 (Sunday) at the Sporting Residence Hotel Conference Center.

It will be a great opportunity to meet your extended family of "Cunico Cousins"! If you have ancestors who were Cunico's, you are invited... your name doesn't have to be CUNICO!

Please bring any family records you might have along with copies of family photos, favorite recipes and stories you'd like to share.


Lunch on Sunday (the day of the reunion) will be everyone for themselves! We are not scheduling restaurants as we did in 2009 because we don't even know an approximate number of attendees, and the same day, the town will host the food and wine event called “Made in malga”!

On 8 settembre in Asiago, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm there will be many cheese, wine, beer and food tasting events. Stefano Fraccaro will apply a 10% discount for the meals consumed in the Sporting restaurant with a choice from the lunch menu!




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The 3rd Riunione dei Cunico will once again be held at the Sporting Residence Hotel Conference Center. A special thank you to Stefano Fracaro and the entire Sporting Residence staff for their assistance, and hard work in planning this event.

Read more about lodging below. I will negotiate special rates with two local hotels - Sporting Residence Hotel and Meltar Golf Resort, but other lodging choices are listed under "Lodging" below.

The reunion will begin at 10:00 AM.





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Follow A4 until exit A31 Valdastico. Take this to Piovene Rocchette and from here follow the state road SS 349 to Asiago passing through Tresche Conca - Cesuna - Canove - Asiago (26km)

deviare per l'autostrada Valdastico (A31) e proseguire fino all'ultima uscita di Piovene Rocchette. Da qui s'imbocca la statale 349 del Costo e si sale fino ad Asiago attraversando Treschè Conca - Cesuna - Canove - Asiago (26 Km).


From the Train station or Bus Station follow directions to Thiene and then to Piovene Rocchette and then the "Costo" SS 349 and continue to Asiago passing through Tresche Conca - Cesuna - Canove - Asiago (26km)

seguendo la statale che porta a Thiene e Piovene e da qui s'imbocca la statale 349 del Costo e si sale fino ad Asiago attraversando Treschè Conca - Cesuna - Canove - Asiago (56 Km).


Other than taking the State road 349, one can reach Asiago from the Piovan road, crossing Arsiero - Pedescala - Rotzo - Roana until Asiago (30km)

oltre che per la 349 si può salire lungo la strada del Piovan, attraverso Arsiero - Pedescala - Rotzo - Roana - Asiago (30 km).


Exit Bassano for Asiago, and cross bridge over Brenta River. Take the SP 72 and follow directions to Asiago (30km)

lungo la strada della Fratellanza (o anche da Marostica) attraverso Conco - Asiago (34 Km).


Exit Bassano for Asiago and take SP 72 to Valstagna.From Valstagna take SP 73 to Foza. From here go left onto SP 76 to Gallio. Pass through Gallio and enter Asiago.

lungo la valle del Brenta, si arriva a Valstagna e, quindi, raggiungere Foza, attraverso una strada molto stretta, oppure proseguire fino a Primolano e salire ad Enego.


Exit Bassano and follow directions to Breganze passing through Lusiana to Asiago (35km)

Ancora da Bassano attraverso Breganze - Lusiana - Asiago (35 Km).


One can reach the Altopiano of Asiago via the Monterovere Pass - Lavarone - Passo Vezzena - Asiago (64km) or following the Valsugana State road and crossing the Brenta Valley to Primolano - Enego - Foza - Gallio to Asiago (77km)

si può giungere sull'Altopiano attraverso la sella di Monterovere - Lavarone - Passo Vezzena - Asiago (64 Km), oppure percorrendo la statale Valsugana che attraversa la Valle del Brenta fino a Primolano - Enego - Foza - Gallio - Asiago (77 Km).


You start from MILANO. Near Milano: Follow Viale Rubicone for 250 m. Near Cormano: Turn right, follow the ramp Svincolo Cormano for 250 m. Near Torri Di Quartesolo: Follow the motorway A4-E64 for 207.0 km. Valdastico Piovene Rocchette: At sign VALDASTICO / PIOVENE ROCCHETTE , follow the motorway A31 for 35.0 km. Piovene Rocchette Chiuppano: At sign PIOVENE ROCCHETTE / CHIUPPANO , follow the ramp Svincolo Piovene for 243.1 km
Follow Via Ponte Dei Granatieri for 1.3 km 243.5 km. Near Asiago: Turn right, follow Sp349 for 24.3 km. You reach ASIAGO . Covered distance: 269.1 km

Here are a couple of links for additional driving instructions:




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There are no trains to Asiago..only buses or taxis. Buses leave Asiago as early as 6.00am in the morning for Vicenza and are on a regular basis. The trains to Venice run regularly all day from Vicenza as it is a main line in Italy. This also applies to Vicenza / Milan.

All tickets can be purchased directly at the stations. The train tickets must be validated at small yellow machines placed on columns at the beginning of the binario (railtrack) otherwise you can get a fine. This is also valid for all rail/bus transport.


For Cunico's that are arriving at Venice airport, there is a bus that goes directly to the railway station and from there the trains leave for Bassano del Grappa or to Vicenza. From both towns there are buses to Asiago on a regular bases and the bus station in Asiago is about 200m from the hotel. There are taxi's also available from both towns, however they can be expensive to Asiago.

The best way to reach Asiago is to take the train to Vicenza from Venice St.Lucia train station. There is a shuttle from Venice airport to the railway station on a regular basis. Once you arrive at Vicenza railway station exit the building and walk a few metres to the bus station. Looking north it is slightly to the left.  There you can purchase tickets to Asiago. The buses are blue and are usually marked Asiago/Gallio. The bus takes 2 hours from Vicenza to get to Asiago and the scenery is great. The bus station is 200m from the hotel.


Transportation from Malpensa to Milano centro:


Metered taxis are available outside both Arrivals and Departures areas. Journey time to central Milan is around 50 minutes. Fare: EUR 65.00 - EUR 75.00


The Malpensa Express departs from Terminal 1 for Milan's Cadorna Rail Station every 30 minutes. It also stops at Milan Bovisa and Saronno stations. First train departs Malpensa at 06.45, the last train departs 21.45. Journey time is around 40 minutes. Fare: EUR 9.00 one-way. Same day return is EUR 12.00, open return EUR 14.50. The Malpensa Express information line is 02 20222.

There are also rail links from Malpensa airport to Milan Central and Milan Garibaldi Stations via Gallarate. A local shuttle bus connects the airport with Gallarate Rail Station every hour. Shuttle bus fare: From Terminal 1 EUR 1.30, Terminal 2 EUR 1.05. To Milan Central trains depart Gallarate from 05.54 until 23.24. To Milan Garibaldi trains depart Gallarate from 05.30 until 23.00. The State Rail Information number is 848 880


Bus services leave from outside the Terminal 1 Arrivals area. They serve various destinations in Milan and beyond. Journey times vary. There is also a local service to Gallarate Rail Station. To Milan Central Station the Malpensa Shuttle departs every twenty minutes from 06.20 to 00.15. Journey time is around an hour. Fare: EUR 4.50. To Milan Gallarate Station the service runs every twenty minutes from 05.35 to 19.50. Fare: From Terminal 1 EUR 1.30, Terminal 2 EUR 1.05. Linate Airport Shuttle: There are 11 services daily between Milan's Malpensa and Linate airports. First bus departs Malpensa 07.50; last bus departs 00.25. Fare: EUR 8.00.


You have to depart the Milan Central station for Vicenza. From Vicenza, buses
go to Asiago on a regular bases. The bus station in Asiago is about 200m from the Sporting Residence hotel.


Due to its vicinity to Milan, the Linate Airport is mainly used for domestic and short-haul international flights. This name comes from the small village where it is located. Its real name is "Airport Enrico Forlanini", from the Italian inventor of Helicopter and aereonautical pioneer born in Milan. Follow the instructions listed above to get from the Linate Airport to Asiago.


(Coming soon)




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Sporting Residence Hotel - Piazzetta G.B Pertile 3 - 36012 Asiago

web: http://www.sportingasiago.com - email: info@sportingasiago.com

Tel: +39 0424 462177 - Fax +39 0424 463755

The primary lodging will be at the Sporting Residence Hotel. Should we need to involve other hotels, Stefano Fracaro (Sporting) will do so nearer the time.

Negotiated room rates for the Sporting Residence Hotel are as follows:

Single room € 80,00
Double room € 130,00
Triple room € 165,00
Apartment 4 person € 192,00
Apartment 5 person € 215,00
Apartment 6 person € 240,00
Apartment 7 person € 280,00

Prices are per room and include:
• breakfast buffet
• entrance to swimming pool
• access to sauna and steam bath
• wireless internet connection



Other Lodging Options:

Hotel Croce Bianca - Via IV Novembre 30 - 36012 Asiago
web: http://www.hotelcrocebianca.it/ - email: info@hotelcrocebianca.it
Tel: +39 0424 462642 - Fax: +39 0424 463540
Hotel Da Barba - Via Pöslen, 40 - 36012 Asiago
web: http://www.dabarba.it/ - email: info@dabarba.it
Tel: +39 0424 463363 - Fax: +39 0424 462888
Hotel Erica - Via Garibaldi 55 - 36012 Asiago
Contact Alberto Vescovi for reservations
Hotel Paradiso - Via Monte Valbella 33 - 36012 Asiago
web: http://www.hotelparadisoasiago.it/ - email: info@hotelparadisoasiago.it
Tel: +39 0424 462660 - Fax: +39 0424 64633

Meltar Golf Resort  - Via Meltar, 1 - 36012 Asiago
web: http://www.golfresort.it - email: info@golfresort.it
Tel: +39 0424 460626 - Fax +39 0424 464939

Villa Bonomo  - Via Pennar 322 - 36012 Asiago
web: http://www.hotelvillabonomo.it/   email: info@hotelvillabonomo.it
Tel. +39 0424 460408 - Fax 39 0424 63459

La Scuola
 - Via Campana 20 - 36046 Lusiana

My good friend Adriana Benetti-Longhini says the following about La Scuola: "Just a quick note for you with regards to the Cunico Reunion. there is a lovely bed and breakfast in the Lusiana area that has just opened, it is marvellous and is an old school house that has been restored. Please have a look at their website: www.locandalascuola.com and if possible suggest it as a place to stay for people that will be coming to the reunion."


Note: The only hostel in the Asiago area was closed a few years ago. Below are two documents provided by the Asiago Tourism Office.






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In the past we always had our pre-reunion dinner at Riccardo Cunico's restaurant - Ristorante Al Maddarello - Via Kaberlaba, 6 - Asiago. His new restaurant is called "Casa Rossa". Once again, I'm hoping to have a pre-reunion dinner at Riccardo's restaurant.

He can accomodate a maximum of 130 people for a better dining experience. We will allocate bookings on a "first come" basis. Click here for a link to his web site. A menu will be available as we get closer to the reunion date.

If you are interested in joining us, please email me (barth@bcunico.com).





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The 2013 Reunion T-Shirt was designed by Mattia Cunico.





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A note from Stefano Fraccaro - EMAIL: info@sportingasiago.com
Here below you can find a program of visits that you can publish on the web site or forward by e-mail.

The visit has to be booked through us in advance in order to schedule them in the best way.

10:30 visit to the Observatory, meeting for the observation of the sun, € 9,00 per person
13:00 typical mountain lunch at Malga Galmarara, € 30,00 per person, transfer included

15:00 visit to the cheese factory, € 3,00 per person





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  1. Massimo Paganin - author of “Antiche Famiglie di Asiago”. His research showed our CUNICO name actually evolved from the surname Sachaner. More here.
  2. Marina Bianchi from Udine - Talked about her genealogy research for our CUNICO family; specifically in the deeds and dowry records.
  3. Elisabetta Papini from Montecchio Maggiore talked about her genealogy research.
  4. Miguel Fernando Rigoni from Curitiba, Brasil - Talked about his family’s emigration to Brasil. His RIGONI, CUNICO and RODEGHIERO families come from Asiago.


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Maria Vittoria Carli
Via Stazione, 5 - 36012 Asiago (VI) Italy
Ph. +39 0424462221 - 0424462661
Fax +39 0424462445
www.vicenzae.org  -  www.provincia.vicenza.it
lunedì/sabato: 8.30-12.30/14.30-18.30
domenica e festivi: 10.00-12.00/15.00-18.00

Here's another good link for the 7 Communes of Asiago:







Reunion Luncheon

In 2009 we made arrangements for two local restaurants to host the luncheons. I will talk more with Stefano but I'd like to work something out with Adriana Benetti-Longhini's new restaurant Gran Caffè Adler.


Local markets

There different sizes of supermarkets and fruit shops throughout Asiago "centro". All have good products...cheeses, cold meats etc and fresh bread. On Saturdays there is a "gypsy market" behind the Sporting Residence Hotel. They sell everything from clothing to food. Locals buy flowers there to take to the cemetery afterwards (very Italian thing!) Excellent for fruit and vegetables.




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Here's a Vicenza weather link that will tell you the current area weather:



Suggestions are:

  • A  warm jacket (the weather is being very dodgy and September can be cold)
  • A raincoat or K/way
  • Warm sweatshirts or fleece
  • Hat / cap
  • Light weight gloves, a backpack, Binoculars, Hiking shoes (or good running shoes), Telescopic walking poles for those that want to hike or sightsee

The dress code in the mountains is casual. Jeans, cords and trousers with sweaters etc are very acceptable.





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PASSPORTS (U.S. citizens only)


GENERAL INFORMATION: You can find a wealth of information about U.S. passports at this Department of State link:


PASSPORT RENEWAL: U.S. Passports are only valid for 10 years so if your passport expired, you can re-new it via mail using the following link; you will have to send in your old passport.


NEW PASSPORTS: If you need to order a new passport, you need to go in person to one of  7,000 passport acceptance facilities located throughout the United States with two photographs of yourself, proof of U.S. citizenship, and a valid form of photo identification such as a driver’s license. Most Post Offices provide this service. For additional information, go to this link:







A note from Adriana Benetti-Longhini - As I am dedicating most of my time on photography, I will be offering half day workshops or full day workshops for the Cunico guests who are interested in developing their skills in our beautiful surroundings. The cost would be Euros 35,00 per person for half a day and Euros 50,00 full day including a packed lunch. Would you please publish this on your website, I will send you my flyer in PDF format to add to your webpage. People who are interested can book directly using my email address.




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