Ulysses S. Grant Combs & Addie "Hattie" Sanders are buried in Jones Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery - Bass, KY


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Family of Ulysses Grant Combs

This page is dedicated to my Maternal Grandparents, William Thelbert Combs and Olive Lois Bailey-Combs. They were raised in a rural area of Kentucky close to Campbellsville. Thelbert was the son of Ulysses S. Grant Combs and Addie Sanders. He was the Grandson of James H. Joseph Combs and Lucy Huddleston.








The Family of Ulysses Grant Combs


Back row: Lennie, Fannie, George W.,
Seated:  ?, Addie, ?, Thelbert, ?, Arthur, ? on Grant's

Ulysses S. Grant Combs Family


Ulysses Grant Combs was my maternal Great grandfather. He was born in Fentress, Co, TN but his family moved to Liberty, Kentucky in Casey County. He married Addie (Hattie) Sanders Combs on 28 Jul 1892 and they had eleven children. At some point they moved to Taylor County, Kentucky.

Grant (as he was known) died 23 Jun 1941 when he was 77 years and his residence was Speck, Taylor County. His occupation was listed as a farmer".

Addie was born 18 May 1877 and she died in 1952 from myocarditis pyonephrosis.

At the Jones Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery located about 2 1/2 miles from the highway on Bass Ridge, county line road 1752 near the Taylor County and Casey County lines, the following are buried: Addie Combs, Grant Combs & Marlene Combs (1931-1931).


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The Family of William Thelbert Combs and Olive Lois Bailey-Combs


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  Thelbert Combs and Olive Lois Bailey-Combs are my maternal grandparents. As I stated in my mother's eulogy, she was raised by the most loving and caring parents ever to grace this Universe.

Being a bit biased, we all feel Thelbert and Lois Combs raised their six children with the best virtues humanly possible. Every family should benefit from such a strong and honest foundation. We are all very proud of our Combs heritage!


William Thelbert Combs was born in 1907 Elk Horn, Kentucky, but he moved to Marseilles, Illinois with his wife, Olive Lois Bailey. Later his brother Arthur "Red" Combs followed and yet later sister Yvonne and her family moved to Marseilles. Elk Horn is near Campbellsville, in Taylor County, Kentucky.

Our grandmother, Olive Lois Bailey, was born in 1905 in Liberty in Casey County, KY.

William Thelbert Combs, Olive Lois (Bailey) Combs, Cora (Bland) Combs & Arthur Omer Combs

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