Grandma's poems, letters & Sunday School lessons

This page is a collection of writings by my maternal Grandmother, Olive Lois Combs.



© The Writings of Lois Combs - Marseilles, Illinois, USA.  Used with permission of publisher.








Our star of hope - for Glen Our star of hope - for Barth 50th Wedding Anniversary
Funeral Service Poem burdens (Have we done our best) What is a boy
Letter to Roger and Everett Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Jesus will be there
A Pilgrim and a stranger For Barth on TV He came
To-Todd What price must we pay? Mother's Day
In the hospital (Jan 78) The master of the storm Just my thoughts
It was a sheep, not a lamb When I was a teen Welcome to Bellmill
My boys He found me Valleys
A well kept heart The lost sheep My grace is sufficient
God is so great (God is everywhere) Leaves Watchman on the wall
Cisterns Prayer and fasting Rock of ages
Lead someone to Christ Storms and calm Victory
A thought Mother (written for Glen) A word of appreciation
Boys and Girls Trials then Victories Within my hands
If I were a Sunday School Superintendent A Sunday School Teacher's thoughts I'm glad it was only a dream
Brad and I Lead someone to Christ My Intermediate Girls
Treasures 1st & final draft No Time On my vacation
Thinking & Dreaming of you Just wondering Egypt Sand
Just musings Easter Where are they
Just wondering what you would do Sunday school calling A Boatfull of gold
Sunday School calling My Mother's Golden Key A Teacher
My Garden (two versions) Sheila gave her life to Christ Dark & Gloomy Day
Sunday Afternoon October 9, 1977 9-9-51 When I entered the hospital A dark day (version 1 & 2)
The Highway On our 44th wedding anniversary I wish I could reach
Robe Jesus can still the tempest Bear someone's burden
Can't you go just a little farther? A piece of clay Ten Great Events
How do we measure the strength of our church? Why do I go to church Our Oak tree
Unlisted list To our retiring pastor Children, My Children
Sins and Sins Missionary Society A face I saw
Joseph, Moses, Joshua Church benefits The gathering storm
What Easter means to me A journey I made To Jeffrey Todd Thorsen
Seeds to plant Sorry for our teenagers How can I give my Sunday school class a boost?
Catch up with my thoughts My Christian beliefs So long
Could this be the reason Count your blessings What is a Mother
My Christmas Wish My Heart Recollections
The angel's message Heart squeezed One little rose
God's Handiwork Father's Day Love
Completely on the altar Generations Barren without Christ
Alabaster box Waiting Spare Time
Our Christian Walk Our Youth Catch up on my thoughts - 1
Just a pilgrim What is love? Oh Jerusalem
What do I care Broken heart
What this church means to me A true story Church of the Nazarene
The thing that counts If you go first If I gained the world
Your Place


It happened one Christmas A changed life How the Nazarene Church had its' beginnings
May 22, 1971 Serving the Lord The Lord's Prayer
Isaiah's vision of God My journey to Bethlehem Joseph Moses Joshua
What teaching a Sunday school class means to me Let your light shine Dangerous Submarines
Program NYPS April Hands The shadow of the cross
Joseph NYPS Play Human Hand
Nancie & Everett wedding announcement Luke 4:2 Jeremiah 18:4
Layman's Day October 14, 1979 In honor of pastors who have gone on before Abraham
Matthew 26 - 36:56 Time doesn't stand still I just heard from heaven
Teaching our Primary In the beginning god The Day Far Spent
Are we too busy keeping them quite? Where are the dead?  




Our star of hope - for Glen
Poem Grandma wrote this poem for Glen when he went to Saipan in 1944. The star in the window is a tradition from World War II. When soldiers went to war, their families displayed the flag with a blue star in their window. If the soldier was killed, a new flag with a gold star took its place. After he returned she wrote, "He brought my boy home without so much as a scratch 1946. Thank you, Jesus, Thank you."

There's a star that hangs in our window.
Itís a beautiful star of blue.
And may this star never be changed to gold
It hangs there, dear boy, just for you.

We are proud of that star, dear boy
We are proud for what it stands
Although it breaks our hearts, dear boy
To have you in a distant land.

May the star of hope guide you home, dear boy
May it shine and show you the way.
May God protect you and keep you
And bring you home some day.

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Our star of hope - for Barth
Poem Grandma wrote this poem Feb 27 1971 when I was in Vietnam.

Actual flag in Grandma's window

He placed a star in our window.
Itís a beautiful star of blue.
That star has a very deep meaning.
It hangs there dear Barth just for you

Thereís a million stars in heaven.
They are as beautiful as can be.
But this star thatís in our window.
itís so beautiful, donít you see

That star hangs there for our dear grandson.
Who is going so many miles away.
And may it never be changed to gold.
And may he come marching home to stay

And he will never be forgotten.
We will pray for him each day.
May the dear Father up in heaven.
Lead him and keep him safe, and show him the way.

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Written Jun 21, 1953

Yesterday is gone forever,
Today is almost o'er;
Tomorrow will never get here
It's always just one day more.

But if we did what we could yesterday
And will do what we can today,
We can trust God for tomorrow,
For it's always on its way.

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50th Wedding Anniversary
Written Jan 11, 1975 -  a poem Grandma wrote to commemorate her 50th wedding anniversary. Dianne read this at Grandma's funeral at Grandpa's request.

For fifty long years
We've traveled together.
Through storm and sunshine
And all kinds of weather.

It hasn't all been stormy,
Nor has it all been joy.
For there were many things
To discourage and annoy.

But through it all we've walked together.
We took Jesus as our guide.
We have walked hand in hand
With Jesus by our side.

Our home has been a happy place,
Filled with laughter and with joy.
With a very special love
For each girl and each boy.

But now the road is growing shorter,
It's getting close to the end of the way.
So we will keep walking together,
'till we reach that perfect day.

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Funeral Service
Written December 1967, Revised  April 1978
This is a poem Grandma wrote about her journey to heaven. It was read by Reverend Kaufman at her funeral July 23, 1983.

Someday I am going on a long journey. My fare has been paid, for Jesus paid it all. I have a one-way ticket, for I shall not return. My journey is a very long one. It is from here to eternity. 1 shall not take any luggage, for when I arrive, I shall have a robe of righteousness. I won't worry about getting a meal ready, for I shall sit at the marriage supper of the Lamb. I will never be thirsty, for I shall sit on the bank of the river and drink from fountains of living water.

There will be no need to take candles, for Jesus will be the light. He shall be as bright as the noon-day sun.

There will be no tears, and I shall never cry again. Jesus said, "I will wipe away all tears from your eyes". I shall never have another burden for my children, grandchildren, or for a Sunday School class. Will someone else please take my children on their heart and really pray?

I won't worry about a place to live. No taxes will ever come due. Jesus said, "I am preparing a place for you." He said, "I will come for you and where I am you may be also."

Yes, this is the longest journey I shall ever take. It is from here to eternity. I want each (person) in this congregation to think: "Where will you spend eternity?"

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Burdens - also called "Have we done our best?"
Written late 1970

Did you ever have a burden
Way down deep in your soul?
When you looked at your loved ones
Who were out of the fold.

Did you ever try to think
Just the worth of one soul?
It's more than the wealth of this world
With all its riches and its silver and gold.

Just what are we doing about it
Are we doing our very best?
Or do we take the easy way
And leave the labor for the rest?

Just think, teacher and layman
Of that little girl or that boy
If we can help to bring them to Christ
It will fill our hearts with joy.

Have you thought what the Master wants?
He wants our very best,
Are we able to stand in the gap
Or can we pass the test?

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What is a boy
A poem Grandma wrote in late 1970 to Todd

He's an imp and an angel, a dreamer, a tease.
An explorer of meadows and climber of trees.

A runner of erands and a doer of chores,
Who tears his best trousers and tracks up the floors.

He's a solemn young man with some mud on his feet
And a dare-devil riding his bike in the street.

A bundle of questions who wants to know why,
The world goes round, and stars fill the sky.

But adventurous, timid or quiet
There's nothing so new that he won't care to try it.

And just when your patience and temper wears thin,
He'll look up at you with an innocent grin.

And your heart melts again, with real pride and joy.
In that mischievous, wonderful treasure, your boy.

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To Everett & Rodger
Written Mar 7, 1958

My sons, soon you will be graduating
Soon you will leave the old home nest
And often I am made to wonder
If you'll choose the road that's best.

You know, my Sons, there are just two roads,
The narrow one and the wide.
The narrow one is rough and steep
But will land you safe on the other side.

The wide one seems so popular It looks so pleasant and smooth
But don't travel the wide one, my sons
If you do your souls you'll loose.

Now, my sons, will you stop and listen
Take time to decide what to do
That's the most important thing in life
Is to choose what is best for you.

The best way is the Christian way
Let Christ direct your life
Then it will be filled with peace and joy
And love without any strife.

One will be graduating from high school
The other from a holiness college
One will be going out on his own
The other on to school to increase his knowledge.

Oh, yes, we have other children
But they have homes of their own
Soon the two younger will graduate
And we will be left alone

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Jesus will be there
Written May 16, 1951

When hope has fled
And your problems seem hard to bear
Just lift your eyes toward Heaven
For Jesus will be standing there.

'When loved ones seem to fail you
You are discouraged to despair
Just lift your heart toward Heaven
You'll find Jesus standing there.

When everything seems to go wrong
And evil your soul does almost ensnare
If you will look toward Heaven
You'll see Jesus standing there.

When days are dark and lonely
And no one seemingly does care
If you will rise above the storm cloud
Jesus will be waiting there.

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A Pilgrim and a stranger
Written xx

I'm just a pilgrim and a stranger here.
Getting ready for a wonderful place.
And I know if I obey my Saviours voice
I shall see him face to face.

He put me here for a purpose
And I have a place to fill.
I must try and win some souls,
And do my Father's will.

When our hearts seem so heavy,
And our trials are hard to bear,
If we look beyond the shadows
Our precious Saviour will be there.

Some day our trials will be over
And my Saviours face I shall see.
I shall, live with him forever
Throughout all eternity.

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For Barth on TV
Written May 6, 1971 - Her note says "The 1st Tuesday Show, May 5, 1971 after he appeared on TV while he was in Vietnam"

I watched him last night on television
My heart was full of pain
As I viewed the dense jungle
He traveled in draught or rain.

Then I saw his face appear
With a crooked little smile.
And I heard that grown up voice,
Coming from many a mile.

I wanted to reach out and take him
and carry him far far away,
Where war could never touch him,
And I'm longing for that day.

Oh yes he is just our grandson
But seems like our very own.
And now he is so far away,
It makes us so alone.

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He came
Written Oct 1971 - Her note says "After Barthie came home on leave"

He came and he's gone
And with him he took
A piece of my heart.

And in it's place is left a void,
An emptiness that can not be
filled till he returns.

With my first waking thoughts
his name is on my lips.
Yes we are worlds apart but
I carry his name to the throne of God.

I ask that The Holy Spirit will
Visit Vietnam wherever my
Grandson may be that he will
protect and keep him safe!

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To Todd
Written May 2 1968 -

He's my pal, my little grandson
He's only two, his life just began.
Those big brown eyes, his smile so bright
That beautiful face, those teeth so white
What will your life be my little pal
Will you use wisdom like a wise old owl

Listen my little sweetheart, my little pal
Choose the right road, don't go afoul.
We all want the best for you
We will do our best to see you through
There'll be storms in your short life
But trust in God, he'll guide your life.

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In the hospital
Written Jan 20 1978 - one of Grandma's many hospital visits

Now, my little pen, that I have you in hand, I don't know what to write about. Only if I write about the sad hearts, and the hearts that don't have much to look forward to. They just sorta exist from one day to the next--nothing ever exciting or any different.

I think of the dear soul in bed next to me. Nothing is ever quite right. The meal is always too hot or too cold, or cooked too hard or something wrong. The nurse is too early or too late with the medication. The medication is too bitter or something wrong.

It's sorta hard getting my little pen to going just right. It doesn't seem to want to go where I want it to go. It wants to go crooked.

Well, enough for that, and back to here. The weather is cold, looks gloomy this morning. I think it will snow before night. Sometimes its below zero, and with the wind factor it's 45 and 50 below zero! But I am very comfortable; so much good care for which I am glad and thankful.

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What price must we pay?
Written Jul 6 1972

I am becoming more and more conscientious of the price we must pay.

When we get saved we say we are willing to pay any price to be a Christian. Then when we consecrate our lives to God for heart cleansing, we still say we are willing to pay the price. But sometimes I wonder if we really knew what the price would be, would we really be willing?

Sometimes the price is very demanding of our time, our energy, our home, and oh, so many things.

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It was a sheep not a lamb
Written Feb 3 1955

It wasn't a lamb that had gone astray
Out on the mountains so dreary and cold.
No, for it was a grown up sheep that had lost the way
And couldn't get back to the fold.

But when the good shepherd counted his sheep
And he found that one was lost
He gave up a night of rest and sleep
To search for his sheep at any cost.

He wandered over the mountain side
And he called his sheep by name
He stopped to listen and think what to do
Should his precious sheep be lame.

He wandered on and on through the night
And when he heard a sound
He looked in a pitfall so close by the way
And there his sheep he found.

It wasn't far.. just a step to the side
The sheep had slipped that day
But it needed help from the shepherds hand
To get back on the narrow way.

And then the shepherd stooped so low
To help it from the mire and clay
Oh it wasn't easy, it was a task
To get it back on the way.

Be careful little lambs if you follow a sheep
Be sure that it knows the way
To follow the shepherd as he leads the fold
So you little lamb won't be led astray.

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Mother's Day
Written May 9 1971

If I should look to the ends of the earth
I wonder if I would find another
who is as loving and half as kind
as my own dear, darling Mother.

If I should look
this wide world over
we would never find one
like our own dear mother.

When I was sick she soothed my brow.
When I close my eyes I feel her now.
I hear her whisper in my ear
 ďsleep on my child for I am here.Ē

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The master of the storm
Written June 7 1975

I think of the raging storms, and the mighty billows that travel over our seas. And how Christ can bring peace and quiet because He is the Master of it all.

Can't you hear Him command the sea? Christ is the pilot; He has his hand on the wheel. He commands the waves and the tempest; peace be still. And they become calm, because they are held by the Master's hand.

And if we let Him command our lives we will have peace in our souls. But sometimes it's so hard for us to turn loose of some little petty thing that isn't worth anything to our advantage. But if we turn it over to God, He will give us peace and calm.

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Just my thoughts
Written 1976

If I could catch up with my thoughts as I lay here in the hospital room I am sure I could tell you a lot of things; but they just keep hopping around. Oh, ..they go off in another direction altogether.

This morning as I was down in therapy we had a failure of electricity. Right away they put the generator on, and everything was bright and shining again.

This is a good day to be inside, because it's storming outside. The wind has been so strong and the snow so big and fluffy. I wonder if the little birds can find food to keep body... and feathers together.

Well, this is another day and it's been cold. But God's love is all around about me. It's so wonderful how He is taking me through. I owe my very life to Him. He helps us when we can't help ourselves.

 I want to tell you of a dream I had the other day or night, I don't know which it was. I thought the world was like a square block, and I was hanging on the outside of it by a crimson cord. I was trying to climb an the top, but the cord was slipping through my hands. I looked down at the black chaos and shuddered. Then I began to climb mare earnestly; finally I reached the top. Then there was a man in a long white robe. He was my guide. He didn't say a word, but beckoned for me to follow, which I did. If I slowed down a little, he beckoned me on.

We came to a beautiful garden after traveling a long rough road. It was a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers. He went on in and I followed. I sat down on a marble bench by a bubbling water fountain. There were beautiful birds; it looked like a paradise. Then He started on again. He motioned for me to follow. We traveled some more; the road became more difficult. In places it was so narrow, it was so steep, and if I grew weary or slowed down, he motioned for me to speed up.

Then all of a sudden there appeared another garden more beautiful than the first one. I hurried straight ahead, going to enter in--when suddenly my guide touched me on the shoulder and said, "Not yet". That was the only words he spoke to me.

Then all of a sudden I awoke from my sleep. I told my nurse about it. She said, "Honey, that was no dream. That was when you were fighting so hard for your life!"

That was after that long hard sick spell I had. The next day I was so much better. The Doctor said it was a miracle I pulled through. Now he says I am a miracle walking around. I praise God for all of it. I know the doctor helped, but he told me it was good that I and my church people had a lot of faith, for he could never have done it alone.

I could feel the prayers so thick all around me. One day as I was recuperating I felt like I was wrapped in a real soft blanket just borne along by the breeze. I think I learned to trust God a little better.

That is why I love Him so much. He went to the cross of Calvary; He spilled every drop of blood. How He must have loved us: If we can just get a glimpse of Him hanging there on the cross. Surely, oh surely, we would want to serve

PS: I have had three good wonderful years since then!

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When I was a teen
Written 1977

Things are so much different today than they were when I was a teenager. Oh yes, I was a teenager many years ago. We didn't do all the things teens do today.

I think perhaps we respected our parents more so than we do today. We felt like they knew what was best for us. I know a parent doesn't own their boy's and girl's soul and body, but if they are a Christian parent they want the very best for them.

I think many times it's the parents fault why the teenager is so irreverent today. They just don't have time for them. Many times they are left with a babysitter all day, and at night Mom and Dad want to go out and do the town. So here comes another babysitter; maybe a teenager. They don't have much time for them, as they must make a few telephone calls which will last for hours.

Why should parents expect a teenager to do something they are not willing to do themselves?

So many times teenagers are brought up to think they are superior of their elders and so much smarter. Well, they might have something there. For they have many advantages over when I was a teenager, when it comes to book learning. But we still have God. It says Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever---He changes not. He is no respecter of persons. I think teens used to have a fear of God; when today, they question --is there a God?

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Welcome to Bellmill
Written Oct 3 1957 - everyone probably remembers when Bellmill was the "Wal-Mart before Wal-Mart". Prior to becoming Dan-Jack, the textile building was also called Bellmill.

We welcome you to
Bellmill with a how do you do.
Won't you come right up and meet our crew?
Meet our staff first will be quite well
And see the able hands that are at the helm.

First meet our employer Mr. Sutton and
also Lou
Then there's Rena and George Owens too.
Now step this way and see each girl
Hear the motors hum, see the wheels whirl.

Each job is important, there isn't a doubt.
We must have cooperation if the jackets go out.
There's linings and zippers and facings and labels.
There's collars and tabs and shells on the tables.
Then pocket girls and fitters and tuckers
Also top stitchers and turners and cuffers.
Then there is buttons, buttonholers and snaps.
Also hoods and strings and fur for chin straps.

There's clippers, inspectors, and floor girls are seen.
Also binders, hemmer's and pressers who press with steam.
Two more important persons are George and Edd.
Our mechanic and janitor and enough has been said.

There is also extra who work on the crew.
Such as truckers, electricians, carpenters and
Repair men too.
No"" look at our new building fixtures
you pass through.
And we from Bellmill will say good
day to you.

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My boys
Written Sep 1954

Tonight my heart is heavy
I can't seem to see the way
But help me to serve you, Jesus
And love you more each day.

Lord, the burden is so heavy
For my boys are out in sin
They don't seem to understand me, Lord
I can't seem to get them in.

But, oh, how I love them, Jesus
As they wander in the night
Help them, dear loving Jesus
And bring them into light.

If I have failed them, Jesus
Will you show me the place
And help me to lead them
Till they see thy loving face.

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He found me
Written Mar 7 1975

I searched, and searched for the Lord
But I did not know that He moved
My soul to search for Him
As he was seeking me.

did not find thee, Dear Lord
For I was found of thee
But I found faith and love
For Dear Lord, thou always lovest me.

Thou did'st reach down with thy arm of love
As I walked on a stormy sea
My thoughts were on the things above
As thou, Dear Lord, reached down for me.

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A Sunday School Teacher's thoughts
Written 1952

Junior, Oh, Junior, can I reach you?
n I speak and make you hear?
n I open your eyes to the Master
you may know He is near?

Isn't there one among you?
One with a will to know
About the love of the Master?
How he must have loved us so.

How He left His home in glory,
And He came to this world below.
H e was searching for you Juniors;
He died for He loved you so.

Junior, Oh, Junior, can I reach you?
n I speak and make you know?
suffered on the cross of calvary,
cause He loved you so.

Just as the good Shepherd
Was searching for the sheep that was lost;
Jesus is searching for you Juniors,
And the price was His life on the cross.

Give me one Junior for the Master.
How many there are to win;
Just one soul for the Master
To whom Christ's love extends.


My grace is sufficient
Written Oct 1953

Dear child, when you're weary and burdened with care
As you sail along on life's sea
Just remember it says in the word of God
My grace is sufficient for thee.

Sometimes you may wonder why the way is so dark
And wish from it all to be free
But just be patient; keep praying
For His grace is sufficient for thee.

Don't be impatient nor tempted to doubt
My word is as true as can be.
Be patient; keep praying and believing
For My grace is sufficient for thee.


God is so great (God is everywhere)
Written Jan 21 1955

I can see Him in the morning,
when the sun begins to rise.
I can see Him in the night time
when the stars are in the skies.

I can see Him in each tree top
as they grow so high.
I can see him in each flower that buds
and as they droop and die.

I can see Him in each snowflake
as they sparkle and fly.
I can see Him in each storm cloud
as they roll across the sky;

I can feel His greatness
as I walk over the hill.
I can also feel His great love,
and I want to do His will.

I can see Him in the summer
as the crops unfold.
I can see Him in the autumn
when the leaves are turned to gold.

I can see Him in the winter
when the snow is on the ground.
I can see Him in the springtime
when new life is found.

I can see Him by the ocean
or by the waterfall.
My God is so great
He's the master of it all.

I can see him in the moonlight
and in the shadows dim
I can see him in all nature
And I can feel the love of him

I can see Him in the sunset
as the day is o'er.
I can feel His great love round me
can I want more?

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Written Fall of 1954

What will you do on the judgment day
If you hear the Saviour sadly say
Nothing but leaves, all withered and dry
And you'll be left as He passes by.

You'll look at the Master and wonder why
You let your leaves all wither and die
One day they were flourishing and very green
But now, just dry, dead leaves are seen.

Oh, how sad is this story indeed
But wake quickly; it's Jesus you need
He'll give you new life; you can flourish again
If you'll keep your tree pruned and live above sin.

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Watchman on the wall
Written Oct 1954

Watchman, what of the night?
What do you see on the left and the right?
Do you see the crowd as they pass by?
Some seem so sad; do you hear them sigh?

Look watchman, see the people so gay
They are our young people on their way
Stop them, watchman, e'er it's too late
For they might pass by the narrow gate.

Hurry, watchman, stop that crowd
Before they get too noisy and loud
Stop them while they can still hear you say
Come to the Master; He is calling today.

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Written Dec 14 1954

Are your cisterns broken
Will they water hold
Are you still in Egypt
And in old Satan's control?

If you are, go dig your cisterns
Dig them both deep and wide
Cement up all the crevices
That the pollution can't get inside.

Remember your heart is the cistern
And if it's free from sin
And Christ is the living water
And He will enter in.

He will help you be a Christian
If you keep your cistern pure
And when temptations come
He'll give you grace for sure.

So just be true to Jesus
And hold Him by the hand
He'll take you through this world of sin
Into a better land.

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Prayer and fasting
Written Nov 30 1953

If I cannot be a missionary
Nor in the jungles dwell
If I cannot sail the oceans
The golden word to tell
If I cannot be a missionary
Nor travel in their way
I still can be a servant
For I can fast and I can pray.

Then the Bible tells us
Through the word, God's Son
That only by prayer and fasting
Some victories are won.
Though I am not a missionary
To places far away
Yet I can serve the Master,
If I fast and if I pray.

And the sacrifices are tiny
That we are asked to make
To do without a meal or two
For the lost and dying world's sake

Help us to send the gospel
To others far away
By giving of our money
As we fast and as we pray.

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Rock of ages
Written Dec 1953

I love the Rock of Ages
It is a cliff for me
When the storms of life are raging
Then my Saviour's face I see.

When the trials seem so heavy
And they seem to block my way
Then I go to the Rock of Ages
And I seem to hear Him say.

Fear you not, for I'll be with you,
If you'll put your trust in Me
If you cling to the Rock of Ages
You shall ever be with Me.

When the days are dark and dreary
And the way I cannot see
Then I seem to hear a whisper
Fear not, I will pilot thee.

Listen child, I am your Saviour,
Can't you put your trust in me?
And walk the way so narrow
Then live in heaven through eternity.

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Doubts and fears
Written Jul 23 1954

Go away little doubt
Go away little fear
Don t want you
Hanging round here.

Don't like your company
Don't like your crowd
For when you speak
You are much to loud.

If I am discouraged
Or if I am blue
Don't want you around
I Got no use for you.

When I am sick in body
Or when I am tried
Then you sneak around
so very close to my side.

Don't you know you're not wanted
Why don't you hear me say
Go on now, beat it
Go and be on your way.

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Lead someone to Christ
Written Dec 1954

Help me to serve you, Jesus
I don't care for honor or fame
If I can just live so close to thee
That I can hear you call my name.

Help me to just to be a servant of love
For you did so much for me
How you suffered and bled and died
On the rugged cross of Calvary.

I want to lead someone to Christ
Help me and show me the way
That I may find the very one
That I should help today.

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Storms and Calm
Written Aug 1954

When the storms of life are raging
And they seem to come so fast
If we have Jesus on board
Then the storms will soon be past.

He's the one to still the tempest
He can surely bring the calm
If we have Jesus on board
The storm will pass and bring the balm.

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Written Jul 18 1954

Sometimes the shadows deepen
And I cannot see my way
But then I look to Jesus
And I seem to hear Him say.

Child, will you just hold steady
And put your trust in me?
Let me fight your battles
Then victory you shall see.

It's always a little darker
Just before the dawn
Let me lead you, child
Then I'll give to you a song.

So I trusted all to Jesus.
And He gave the sweetest rest
If we draw near to Jesus
He will give to us the best.

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A thought
Grandma wrote "Just a thought as I awoke at dawn" - Aug 16 1959

But now the time has come
When we must say goodbye
Our God is able to keep us
Till we meet beyond the sky.

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Grandma's first poem - written around Mother's Day 1944 while Glen was overseas

There's a word that comes from the battlefield
From the sand and the desert heat.
It also comes from the dense jungle isles
And it comes from the ocean deep.

It comes from the planes with the silver wings
As they go across the sky.
It also comes from the frozen north
It comes from a boy who gives a sigh.

It also comes from a canvas tent,
From a hospital bed or a cot.
It comes from the china plains
The word Mother--will never be forgot.

That word that comes from a world of battle
That word means love and home
And it will never be forgotten
No matter where our boys may roam.

The word Mother has meant heartache and sorrow
It has also meant love, comfort and cheer.
It's a word our boys will never forget
It's a word they hold most dear.

Out on the battlefield that word to a boy is so dear
That word is a word universal.
It comes from a boys heart as he sighs
Yes, that word is Mother.

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Written Feb 27 1956

When I was going through the valley
And the valley was so deep
Then I heard a gentle voice
And that Voice to me did speak.

And it said, "Be not down hearted
And don't you be afraid
For I am the way, the truth and life
And the way for you I've paid.

If you give to Me your burden
You must trust in Me each day,
You must serve Me with all your heart
You just follow and I will lead the way.

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A well kept heart
Written ??

Prov 4:23

A well kept heart

A man is no better than his "well kept heart" if his heart is corrupt that life itself is unclean. It say "out of the abundance of thy heart the mouth speaketh". It is important our hearts kept with all diligence.

A clean heart

God can clean our heart in an instant by an act of his divine grace. But there are things I must do to keep it clean.

  1. I must discipline my life to his will for me
  2. I must be obedient to his plan for my life
  3. The words I speak
  4. The attitude I manifest
  5. The things I do come from the heart
  6. I must direct my thinking
  7. If I want to think right thoughts I must be careful what I see and hear - if I want to see and hear the right things I must direct my feet in the way they should go - my hands the things they do.

A well kept heart has no place for hatred - it's filled with love.

No time for fault finding for it has kindness and peace and understanding.

No place for selfishness for it seeks first the kingdom of God

No place for uncleanliness for it has a purity that will not be defiled.

Psalms 51-10 - create in me a clean heart Oh god and renew a right spirit within me.


A word of appreciation
Written 1854 for Brother & Sister Meyers

I'd like to tell a story,
At least I'd like to try
About our preacher and his wife
And here's the reason why.

I think they're very wonderful
I'm sure you feel the same
So let's travel this road together
In our dear Saviour's name.

Sometimes he lifts us up
Sometimes he lets us down
But if we walk the way he says
We're sure to win a crown.

He helps us weave a pattern
With a crimson cord of love
With purple threads of sacrifice
That speaks of heaven above.

He tells the wondrous story
Of our dear Saviour up above
How He came to earth from glory
To redeem us with His love.

Then there's another person
Who knows our preacher's life
Oh, yes, you have guessed it
She is our preacher's wife.

She is a busy little lady
There seems so much to do
Such as missionary and Sunday school
And then there's calling too.

So here's a little gift
To show our appreciation
So take it with our love
It's from the congregation.

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Boys and Girls
Written 1955

Where are our boys, and where are girls
Of ages in between?
We have our beginners, our primaries
Our juniors, intermediates and early teens.

But where are our boys and where are our girls
From the adult down to the middle teens?
There's a very wide gap, and it needs to be filled
That is very plainly seen.

It's a very sad picture, but it's one that is true
They are gone, that class between
Unless we get them back into the fold
If They'll be lost, that class of the older teens.

So come on teacher, let's go
Into highways and byways and bring them in.
Let's hold up Christ and show His love
And help win them out of sin.

But until our heart is broken
Over our failure to bring them in
Until we have a vision God wants us to have
Will we be able to get them out of sin?

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Trials then victories
Written Dec 14 1954

Why should I be weary
Or why should I feel blue
When Jesus has promised to be with me
And He will see me through.
If I will only trust Him
And if I will obey
He will lead and guide me
And keep me all the way.

Oh, help me serve thee, Lord
Keep me happy and free
Keep sin out of my heart
Help me walk with thee.
Help me serve thee, Jesus
And give myself to thee
Without any reservation
Just loving and serving thee.

Sometimes the way may be rugged
And seem so very steep
Just give me grace for every trial
And victory when the enemy I shall meet.
Now I am happy serving Him
As on the way I go
Loving and serving my blessed Saviour
Because He loved me so.

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Within my hands
Written for her girls' class Nov 1953

Within my hands, oh, Father
As I face my class today
Will be the molding of my precious class
They are still as pliable as clay.

They look to me with eager eyes
Like flowers to the sun
And may I never fail them
Help me to help each one.

When they are full of talk and noise
Oh, patience give to me.
Help me show thy love, Dear Lord
In all I do and say.

May I make Jesus real to them
In each lesson that I give
May I give the word to these dear hearts
So that they may ever live.

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If I were a Sunday School Superintendent
Written Dec 14 1954

I have been thinking what a great responsibility it would be, to be a Sunday School Superintendent, and ,just what would it mean to be the head of so great an organization. Then I asked myself the question, what would I do if I were a Superintendent. Just what would I wish to accomplish? And just how I I would go about to bring it to pass.

I think the first thing I would go to prayer about it and pray until I felt my heart so stirred that I would want to stir up the whole church, and really have Sunday School on our hearts.

Then I would want the very best teachers that were possible to obtain. I would, with the pastor, meet with them and talk things over and lay plans and set some objectives to meet down through the year.

Some of the plans would be to meet with the teachers once every three months if possible, and have a good old praying through on what God would have us do.

I would visit each teacher in their home at least twice a year and talk with them about their class and see what they really had on their hearts, and how they felt about their class.

I would make a round of being in a different class each Sunday. I would not sit in the same class each Sunday because I enjoyed the best teacher, but I would see what each one was teaching and how class was conducted, and the sort of class it was.

I would want my teachers to teach our church doctrine at least one Sunday during the year. If we would make Nazarenes out of them they must know what we believe and stand for.

I would have a calling committee, perhaps just a few that really felt like God wanted them to call. I believe a few that have the burden to call can do more than the whole church that doesn't feel the burden to call.

Then I would want us to pray till the others felt their need to call.

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The lost sheep
Written Feb 3 1955

It wasn't a lamb that had gone astray
Out on the mountain so dreary and Cold
No, for it was an old sheep that had lost the way
And couldn't get back to the fold.

But when the good shepherd counted his sheep
And he found that one was lost
He gave up a night of rest and sleep
To search for his sheep at any cost.

He wandered over the mountain side
And he called his sheep by name
He stopped to listen, and think what to do
Should his precious sheep be lame.

He wandered on and on through the night
And then he heard a sound
He looked in a pitfall so close by the way
And there his sheep he found.

It wasn't far! Just a step to the side
The sheep had slipped that day
But it needed help from the shepherd's hand
To help it back on the way.

And then the shepherd stooped so low
To help it from the mire and clay
Oh, it wasn't easy; it was a task I'll admit
To get it back to the narrow way.

So be careful little lamb when you follow a sheep
Be sure it can know the way
But follow the Master as he leads; to the fold
So he ,won't lead the lamb astray.

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I'm glad it was only a dream
Written Nov 23 1971

In my dream I was hurrying along on a not so well-traveled road. Some places the road was very rough and steep, but I toiled and traveled on. Much of the way was up grade, very straight, and it was narrow and rough.

I saw leading to my left a road that looked much easier to travel. It was wide and smooth, and seemed to be down grade. The people were rushing madly on. There were so many on this road. There were many places to stop for fun and entertainment.

I could see far down this road a bathing beach, and people were rushing madly on to get into the water. I noticed many were dressed in very scant swim suits, with far too much of their bodies exposed for a mixed crowd.

I saw this very special one come to the gates of heaven. An angel was standing there. The angel looked at her, then looked in the book she was holding in her hand. She said, III do not have your passport for you to enter. I am afraid we cannot let you pass through".

SONG. ...

Then I saw another girl about the same age who was dressed in a much different attire. She was a quiet girl. You couldn't call her a beauty, but she had a happy smile on her face. She was singing "Make me Worthy".

SONG: "Make me Worthy"

The angel listened very closely to the words of the song, as she looked in the book, and as the song was finished she took a key from her belt and said, "Pass inside". I looked again and saw a group of children. They were very happy as they sang "Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World".

The angel opened the gate and let them pass inside. Then another angel met them and showed them where to be seated. They had on white robes, and as they entered the angel placed a crown on their heads.

Then I saw a very modern preacher come to the gate. He wore a lodge ring and a pin. In his hand he had a very modern magazine, but he did not have a Bible.

The angel asked, "Aren't you Rev. Zero who has the largest and coldest church in town, and the wealthiest people in town?" He answered, "I am he".

The angel said, "Do you warn your people of the day they will stand at the judgment, and that they must repent to enter heaven?"

The minister said, No, we have learned better these days. We do not believe in the blood of Jesus any more. We have a social religion. All you have to do to belong to our church is tell the minister you want to belong, and he will put your r name in his book".

The angel looked sadly and tossed his head and. said, "It must be just in your book for I cannot find it here. So will you please turn aside and let this lady in. She had two other friends with her, and they were singing "I've Been to Calvary".

As the last note died away the angel asked each one some important questions. Then the angel said, "Well done. The three of you enter in".

The angel looked down the road again. There was a lady dressed in very expensive clothes and diamonds and much jewelry. The lady said, "I am a member of Brother Zero's church; I guess I am his best supporter. I teach the members the latest dance steps, and my husband teaches all the young people to play poker and do social drinking."

The angel asked, "Do you ever teach them about the blood of Jesus, and that they must repent and be saved"? "No: I certainly do not. No one believes in all that bosh in these modern times. Jesus was a good man but that's all. Nothing so great there; just a good man, that's all'.

All the people sing: "How Great Thou Art"

Then I see the Sunday school superintendent as he nears the gate. He has his Bible and Sunday school quarterly in his hand. He and the calling committee and teachers have been calling on the absentees and others that they have on their hearts.

I heard the angel say very loud and clear, "Friend, where have you and your calling group been this cold winter night?" He answered and said, "Calling on our absentees and a few others who need to come to the house of God. We are trying to get them in Sunday school".

Then I saw my minister come before the angel. He has a smile on his lips and his Bible in his hand. He has been preaching to his congregation Isaiah 6:1-8 of how Isaiah saw his heart's need, and he answered the call of "Lord, send me". The angel said, "Pass inside".

Song: "Search Me, Oh God"

Next came a business man, a man of the world. He is speaking and bowing to everyone, as he tries to make an impression on everyone. As he comes to the gate the angel shakes his head slowly and says, "Sorry, but no key for the lock on this gate", as the song sings "Why do you Wait Poor Sinner?"

Then I see a mother come before the angel. The angel says, "What are you going to do when you get inside"? The mother cries out and wrings her hands, "I am searching for my lost loved ones, and the ones whom I have taught over the years. I wonder if I could find them inside". The congregation sings: "I Dreamed I Searched Heaven for you".

The angel stands aside and the mother passes inside. She searches and looks through the courts of heaven for loved ones. Can't you hear the wail and sad cry from her heart as her search seems to be in vain?

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Brad & I
Written 1961 - she wrote - "This came to me as Brad and I played in his sand box while visiting them  - Muncie, Indiana"

We played in his sand box
My little grand son and I
We built villages, roads and mountains
And castles far into the sky

That little blue eyed white haired boy
means all the world to me
And if you could only look on his face
I'm sure you would agree

We need each other
This tiny boy and me
In him I have beautiful youth
In me he has security

This little boy is very young
He's only two you see
That's why we love each other
so very much
This little boy and me

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Lead someone to Christ
Written ??

Help me serve you Jesus
I don't care for honor and fame.
If I can just live so close to thee
That I may hear you call my name.

elp me to just be a servant of love
For you did so much for me.
How you suffered and bled and died
On the rugged cross of Calvary.

I want "to lead someone to Christ
Help me and show me the way.
That I may find the very one
That I should help today.

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Thinking & Dreaming of you
Written Jun 2 1971 for Barthie - written by his grandmother Lois Combs after he appeared on TV (First Tuesday) while he was in Vietnam

Last night I was thinking of you grandson.
How you, your brother and sisters had lots of fun.
I seemed to hear children's voices so sweet.
They sounded to be far down the street.

I seemed to see you playing there.
I could hear your voices, wafted o'er the air.
My heart beat fast in the twilight dim.
I thought I must go and call you in.

It's almost dark and he's so small.
I must go now and to him call.
But I suddenly awoke from my dream afar
And there in my window hung your service star.

It was my little boy's dream of you.
As I thought of the things you used to do.
I thought of your little crooked grin,
But now you've gone a war to win.

I thought how you are giving your best.
The letter I was writing you lay on the desk.
I wanted to protect you and keep you clean
But there's a war to win and a world between.

So I bowed my head then and there.
And from my heart I breathed a prayer
That the things for you I could not do,
That our Father in heaven watch over you.

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On my vacation
Written 1958

If someone should use this machine while I'm away
Clean it real good and oil it each day.
If you take good care of it, it will do the work
But when you start, don't do it with a jerk.
When you start up, turn the wheel real slow,
Then you can shift into high and get out of low.
If you should use my bobbins or chair
Please put them back, for next week I'll be here.
Well, I guess that's all I will say
Please don't take my things away.

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No Time
Written Jul 1955

No time to study, no time to pray
No time to say a kind word today
No time to help the needy in heart
No time to carry a burden nor do your part.

No time to worship I hear you say
No time to help someone along the way
No time to bring the absent one in
No time to win them out of sin.

No time to prepare a lesson and teach
No time to go hear the minister preach
No time to let God have His way
In your heart and life today.

It doesn't mean how busy you be
just means why busy you see
So let your labors be of love
And let this love be born above.

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Treasures (Final Draft)
November 26, 1956

To Everett & Roger

When I cleaned the attic one day
I told the boys to throw some junk away.
The box with junk was piled quite high
But I saw them look and give a sigh.

I said is there something you would like to keep.
Out on the floor went the junk in a heap.
They picked up a knife, old skates and a string.
Soon it was all back in the box again.

There was an old flashlight, and old key ring,
And some parts of an old wooden train.
Soon it was all back under the eave.
I knew that box would never leave.

For in this box was their great treasure.
To me it was junk; to them valued beyond measure.
So I decided then and there
To guard that box with tender care.

Itís been there now for many a year.
But when I see this box I seem to hear
Their voices as I heard them that day
As they gently stored that box away.

Treasures (First Draft)

When I was cleaning the attic one day
I told the boys to throw some junk away.
The box with junk was piled quite high
But I saw them look and give a sigh.

I said, ďis there something you would like to keep?Ē
Out on the floor went the junk in a heap.
They picked up a knife, old skates, and string.
Soon it was all in the box again.

There was an old flashlight, and old key ring,
And some parts of an old wooden train.
But soon they were stored back under the eave.
I knew then the box would never leave.

For in it held a great treasure.
To me it was junk; its worth to them you couldnít measure.
So I decided then and there
To guard the box with tender care.

Itís been there now for many a year.
But if I listen I seem to hear
Their voices are as real today
As when we put the box away.

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My Intermediate Girls
Written Nov 30 1953

As I sat musing one day
Not thinking of much at all
My class of girls seemed to go by
And each one seemed to call.

And these are the words they seemed to say
As they tossed their heads and seemed so gay
We need help to live a Christian life,
As we go through this world of strife.

I saw them each as they went by
And I bowed my head and breathed a sigh
And I prayed "Lord, help me be true"
And encourage my girls to live for you.

Again I bowed my head in prayer.
And I prayed for these girls right there
I said, "Dear Lord, there's Mary Ruth,
A very sweet girl that's really the truth

And then there's Phyllis and Mary Lou
There's Nancy, and Ben, and Arlene too
There's Carolyn and Margaret and also Pat,
Helen, Mary Ann and Peg is that.

Now, Dear Lord, these are my girls by name
I am not asking you give them worldly fame
But help them live a consecrated life
Above a world of sin and strife.

Help me their teacher to live for thee
And give them thy word as you give it to me
Help us each to our souls be true
That we may spend eternity with You

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Just Musings
Written Summer 1974

If I gain the world but not the Saviour, what have I gained?

Everything God lets come upon you, He is preparing you for the real
problems, but what about the things the devil puts upon us?

Are you weary of doing things for the Church?

No one knows everything about anything.

Love is not limited, it is boundless and free.

What ever your problems are, walk humbly before the Lord.

Where would you' be tonight if it were "not for Calvary?

We owe to others, as we ourselves have received.

If we keep our nose to the grindstone and our eye on the ball
what can we accomplish?

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Just wondering
Written Feb 20 1971

Sometimes I wonder if you were me and I were you
I wonder just what we would do.
Would we be more perfect or
Would we act just like me and you?

Would you help me bear my burdens
Or would I help you carry your load?
Would we put them both together
And go smiling up the road?

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Not sure if Grandma wrote this??

The oldest and most important Christian feast day commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is a joyous occasion because on this day Christians celebrate Christ's victory over death. To those who believe in Christ, Easter also symbolizes their own participation in His death and rebirth to a new life.

Rooted in ancient tradition and centered around impressive church services, Easter is primarily a religious festival. However, many customs of the season are of a light nature and give particular pleasure to children. The customs include various Easter games and foods, the practice of wearing new clothes on Easter Sunday, and.. above all, the traditional Easter eggs and Easter rabbits. Painting eggs with gay designs is a popular Easter pastime for children.

Many Easter traditions originated long before the beginning of the Christian era. Like Christmas ," which is related to pre-Christian winter festivals, Easter is connected in many ways with early pagan rituals that accompanied the arrival of spring. !t is possible that the name "Easter" stemmed from that of Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of springtime.

Easter is also associated with the Jewish festival of Passover.. or Pesach.


The Easter egg is associated with beliefs of particularly ancient origin. The egg was an important symbol in the mythologies of many early civilizations, including those of India and Egypt. It was commonly believed that the universe developed from a great egg and that the halves of its shell corresponded to Heaven and earth. The egg was also connected with the springtime fertility rituals of many pre-Christian and Indo-European peoples, and both the Egyptians and the Persians made a practice of coloring eggs in the spring. In Christianity the egg is a symbol of Resurrection, representing the emergence of Christ from His tomb to everlasting life.


Children are often told that Easter eggs are brought by the Easter bunny. The rabbit has become as traditional at Easter time as the Easter egg. Like the egg, the hare or rabbit was a symbol of fertility and new life among the Egyptians and other ancient peoples. How the rabbit came to be associated with Easter and Easter eggs is unclear, but it may have been intended to symbolize the fertile life that the risen Christ would send His followers. In any case, the Easter rabbit has had a long history in European folklore. Modern Easter rabbits are often stuffed toys or made of candy.

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Where are they?
Written 1969

Where are our boys, and where are our
girls of our older teens?
We have beginners, our primarys and
Juniors, Intermediates and early teens.

But where are our,boys and where are our
girls from adults down to middle teens?
There's a very wide gap and it needs to be
filled. That is very plainly seen.

It's a very sad picture, but it's one that is true.
They are gone that class between.
Unless we get them back into the fold
They'll be lost that class of older teens.

So come on teachers, let's roll up our
sleeves, and go out and bring them in.
Let's hold up Christ and show his love
and help win them out of sin.

But until our hearts are broken
over failure to bring them in
Until we have a vision God wants us
to have, will we be able to win them out of sin.

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Just wondering what you would do
Written ??

If you had a pocket full of gold
I wonder just what you would do.
Would you give some on missions
Or would you spend it all on you?

Oh, yes, you need a lot of things
Such as a dress, a coat and a hat.
Then you must have a purse and shoes,
And things to go with all of that.

But what about the poor missionaries
On the fields so far away?
Can't we help them just a little?
As they labor night and day?

Come on men we need your help
To give and fast and pray
If we all will get the vision,
We will give and pray and pay.

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Egypt Sand
Written ??

Do you want to go with Jesus
over into Canaan land
Or do you want his word to doubt
and bleach in the burning sand

If you must cross the desert
you will find it very dry
If you should stay there very long
your soul will surely die

But if you put your trust in Jesus
He will surely see you through
He will give you living water
He will make a way for you.

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Seeds to plant
Written 1966

One day I had some seeds to plant
I planted them with care
I watched as the rain descended
On the seeds I had planted there

The seeds came up and flourished
But I wasn't idle, you may know.
I had to work in that garden
I had weeds to pull, and rows to hoe.

Then I thought of another garden
In it grew a little child
I wonder are we tending that garden
Or do we let it grow wild/

If we sow the seeds in our garden
We soon have a harvest to bear
So let us tend our garden
with much love and also with prayer.

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A boatfull of gold
Written ??

If you had a boat full of gold
I wonder what you would do?
Would you help some poor needy soul,
Or would you spend it all on you?

You do know you need ,a dress
Then you must have a hat.
You simply must have a purse and gloves
To go with all of that.

You haven' t had much
For a year or two.
And now you must have
An outfit with everything new.

Oh the poor heathen
I don't know what to do.
When I get what I want,
There'll be nothing for you.

Oh it's bad I must admit
Surely someone will give a helping hand
And I will give what I have left
I hope they reach the promised land.

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Sunday School Calling
Written 1970

Will you go Sunday School calling?
I heard the preacher say.
I said I can't go calling let me
be excused I pray.
Then He came a little closer,
He said I will you help bring them in"?
There is so many wondering around out in
the world of sin.

Unless someone goes to get them
They surely will be lost.
l spend their lives away from God.
Oh, what a terrible cost.
Then the Lord spoke to my heart, I
said I'll surely go. I'll invite them
to Sunday School, that God's love
they might know.

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My Mother's Golden Key
Given to me by Elsie

My mother's prayer was the golden key
She always used on her beloved knee
With it she opened the store of grace
Which made our home a heavenly place.

Amid the toils of the busy day
No matter where, in every way
She held that key in her hand of power
And used it well every passing hour.

When darkness came and discouragement
A place there was where she always went
And there with prayer as her golden key
She opened heavenly treasures free.

At evening times when work was done
She soothed the children to sleep, each one
Then by their side on her bended knee
She locked them up with her golden key.

And when she came to the gate of light
With heavenly glories all in sight
Her golden key opened wide the gate
And there for her loved ones she will wait.

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My Garden - version 1
Written Jul 23 1954

One day I was walking in my garden
And my Saviour seemed to say
Child, why don't you tend this garden
And not neglect it in any way?

Then I looked my garden carefully over
It seemed such a tiny plot
And I said ,you want me to tend this place,
Why it's such a tiny little spot!

Then my Saviour gently whispered
You don't know what you say
You have the most fertile soil
But you must work and not just play.

First of all you are a mother
That's the greatest place to fill
If you can just lead your children
To the place where they accept God's will.

Then you are a Sunday school teacher
You must be careful what you say
If you want to lead your class
On the bright and shining way.

And you also have the Juniors
That's a very important place
If you can only teach them
The value of God's grace.

My Garden - version 2

One day I was walkay I was walk