During the mass emigration from Italy our ancestors predominantly settled in North America, South America and Australia


Gogebic Range - Information about the settlement of Asiago families in the Gogebic Range of Michigan and Wisconsin.

New Mexico Homesteads - Information about homesteaders who worked the mines in Colorado and New Mexico.

Brazilian Immigration - The immigration of Cunico's to Brazil

Ellis Island Cunicos -
A list of Cunico's in the Ellis Island immigration records.

Ellis Records Instructions - How to extract additional information from Ellis Island records.

Castle Garden Cunicos - A list of Cunicos in the Castle Garden Immigration records

Dual Citizenship - Brazilian dual citizenshop


Emigration - The great "Italian Diaspora"

If you grew up in an Italian family in a country other than Italy, you may not realize that your family is part of one of the largest migration phenomena in modern history. Between 1861 and 1985, over 29 million Italians left their homeland in search of a better life.

The term "Italian diaspora" refers to the large-scale migration of Italians away from Italy in the period roughly beginning with the unification of Italy in 1861 and ending with the Italian economic miracle in the 1960s. The Italian diaspora is considered the biggest mass migration of contemporary times

My own family went to work in the coal mines of the Gogebic Range (Ironwood, Iron Mountain, Bessemer and Hurley). Later they made their way to Illinois.


Migration from Italy

During the period under Austrian rule,  a large amount of emigration took place in the Altopiano. It happened again in the early years of the Fascist Regime of WWI. The sheer destruction of this war, and opposition to the regime, caused an exodus of many inhabitants to countries where work was more plentiful (.i.e. United States, South America and Australia).
In the United States most Asiaghesi emigrants settled in these mining communities and spread out from there.

+ Colorado: Sopris & Trinidad
+ Gogebic Plains of Michigan & Wisconsin: Bessemer, Iron Mountain, Ironwood
+ Illinois - Kensington (Chicago), Lockport & Staunton
+ Indiana Clinton
+ New Mexico - Raton & Van Houten
+ New York: Rochester (LeRoy)

See the map showing migration flows from Italy below.

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