The 2nd " Riunione dei Cunico" in Asiago - luogo di origine del cognome Cunico


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Pictures and photo albums from the reunion.

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Reunion lunch

Pre-Reunion Dinner -
We had a pre-reunion dinner at Riccardo Cunico's restaurant.

Next Reunion - Planning for the next reunion in 2008.

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2009 Cunico Reunion

On 12 settembre 2009 our family once again met in the town where the CUNICO name was born. We met at the Sporting Residence Hotel in Asiago (VI). It was a success despite the attendance being down due to the struggling economy.

It was especially cool to have new cousins from Brasile, England, Hungary and Sardegna/Cagliari in attendance. Once again we had Cunico descendants from France, Singapore, South Africa and Switzerland.

I think everyone had a great time! Thank you to everyone who attended this years reunion.

tanti bacci a tutti ,

Barth Cunico


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About the Reunion

This year's visit to the home of my CUNICO roots was just as rewarding as the first time. I had the privilege to walk the streets of Asiago. It was very moving for me and will remain a very special memory. I have reconnected with a beautiful heritage that I am proud to call my own.

Touring through L'Altopiano I have been exposed to a love for family, a love for the Asiaghesi people, and a love of the surrounding mountains. I truly appreciate how great and important heritage is. It is something you are born with, not something obtained.

Yes my great-grandparents left Asiago in the late 1800's, and yes my parents were born in America, but I know now that Asiago has never left us!




To see the 2009 Cunico Reunion photos, choose an album below. This is a work in progress and I will be adding photos and albums as pictures are sent to me, so please check back from time to time.

Album1      Album2     Album3


I would love to be able to share reunion photos from anyone who took a camera. If you just have a few, you can email them to me. If you have several, please make a disc and send it to:

Barth Cunico
740 Union Street
Marseilles, Illinois 61341

or.... if you only have a few, please EMAIL them to me:


Guest Speakers and Dignitaries

This years reunion was less about recognition for me and more about meeting cousins and linking ancestors.


  Franco Sella opened the reunion with a "Welcome to Asiago" speech. Franco works in the mayor's office for Comune di Asiago as the sport councillor.

  Livio Dalle Molle gave a very interesting speech about the settlement of L'Altopiano and the Cimbri dialect. I thought it was quite interesting and I am hoping to get it translated into English. For the Italian version, click here.

  Jo Phillips gave a presentation about DNA testing.





Following is the article published announcing the upcoming reunion.

Pre-Riunione1 - An article in il Giornale di Vicenza by Gerardo Rigoni
Pre-Riunione2 - An article in Vicentini nel mondo (starts on page 12)

Following are articles published after the reunion.

Riunione1 - An article in il Giornale di Vicenza by Gerardo Rigoni
Riunione2 - Part II of Gerardo Rigoni's article


  We did not have lunch catered in this year. Instead, we chose two area restaurants and had a special "Cunico Menu".

Click on the image to the left to see the menu.


Pre Reunion Dinner


We had another fantastic pre-reunion dinner at Riccardo Cunico's restaurant. More about the dinner coming soon.... Check out Riccardo's web site at this URL:


Next Reunion

There were some who thought the reunions should be spaced further apart, but others who think 3 years is about right. I will canvas the family at a later date to see which integral is preferred. Tentatively we'll look at 2012.

Possible Reunion in Singapore - 2011

Ben Cunico (we fondly refer to him as Benito Del Grappa Cunico) is very serious about hosting a CUNICO reunion in 2011 at his club in Singapore.

Singapore is a great holiday city (great food, good shopping, plenty of sight-seeing attractions, and watering holes, not too mention  it's sunny year-round!). There is enough to keep you on the go for a good 4 to 5 days and then you can take side trips to anywhere from Australia to Bali to Malaysia, Thailand, or Hong Kong.  For more info you  can "Google" Singapore or go directly to

I will be contacting everyone to see if we have enough interest in traveling to Singapore If we did do a reunion in Singapore, I would move the Asiago reunion out to 2014.


Reunion T-Shirts

Once again there were several cousins at the reunion who were interested in the reunion T-Shirts. Unfortunately, I ordered the shirts months ago. Yu can still order them, but they are less expensive in larger quantities.

To see this year's design:
If you are interested in ordering shirts, contact Miriam at "CustomInk". Those outside the United States will have to email her or go to the web site.
Mariam Halstead
CustomInk Service/Sales
USA ONLY - 1-800-293-4232 ext. 267


Meltar Golf Resort

Beth posing after her par

While in Asiago, my sister Debbie, Beth Siapkas and I were privileged to play the Meltar Golf Course. It is a beautiful, majestic course, and I would compare it to some of our finer mountain courses in Colorado and ocean-side courses in California. If you are ever in the province of Vicenza, you owe it to yourself to make the trip up the mountain. You will find their brochure here.

The essentials for the Golf course are:

Meltar Golf Resort - Via Meltar, 1 - 36012 Asiago
web: - email:
Tel: +39 0424 460626 - Fax +39 0424 464939



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